All operations of buying and selling vehicles through online auctions Manheim are subject to these General Conditions.
In addition, all persons, natural or legal persons involved in the auctions as users, bidders or buyers, know and automatically accept these Terms and Conditions, accept that they are binding with respect to each of the points collected continuation.
1. Definitions and interpretation of concepts:

a) Manheim Manheim Directo is S.L., residing at Paseo de la Calderona s / n,

Ciempozuelos, 28350 Madrid, which uses the trademark Manheim and organized, arbitrates

and conducts auctions.

b) aportador natural or legal person who provides vehicles for holding auctions


c) User: Professional automotive registered in the customer database sector,

which it has been assigned a user and personal and nontransferable password, and access the

online auction platforms upon delivery and verification by the Manheim

following documentation: CIF, DNI of attorney, deeds and powers, as well as proof of

IAE last payment or exemption certificate.

d) Bidder: User who makes a bid for a vehicle at some point during any


e) Buyer: Bidder awarded a vehicle.

f) Vehicle: Any type of motor vehicle.

g) Lot: Each of the vehicles presented for auction.

h) bid: Any price offered by the bidder within a given lot.

i) Reserve: Minimum price intended by the vehicle seller auctioned. East

It may be modified only downward, during or after the auction, with the aim of

achieve maximum customer bid.

j) Value of award: Amount due to Manheim or the seller of the vehicle

corresponding to the maximum bid made by the buyer who reaches or exceeds the price


k) Purchase fee: Amount due to Manheim for the buyer of a vehicle in a

auction. This amount may differ depending on the type of auction. (See "current rates"

paragraph 12)

l) Commission document management: Amount due to Manheim by management

transfer to the buyer. (See "current rates" paragraph 12)

2. Registration, membership and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

a) Every user is obliged to comply with these Terms of sale.

b) It is mandatory to buy through Manheim, duly registered. East

Registration is free. Registration as a user through the page or

any other means allowing him to participate in such an environment, involves the correct use of the

auction platform and any other tool Manheim according to these

general conditions.

c) The data provided at the time of registration must be true and correct, forcing the

user at that time to communicate any changes that may occur from

that date.

d) Manheim may require any user documentation for verification of the condition

professional of the sale of vehicles sector. This verification may be made in

several times if circumstances so require. Failure to provide it, is the

immediate cancellation of any access to any service that you come Manheim


e) Users should not register with several names at once or perform actions with a false identity. The user name must not violate rights of third parties, particularly

concerning rights or brand name.

f) The name and password is not transferable.

g) The user is responsible for cases of improper or fraudulent use of the username

and password until the time written notice that situation to Manheim.

h) Manheim can lock the user at any time without notice. By the time

a user is blocked, it will lose any access and may not register again without

express authorization of Manheim. Confirmed the approval of a new record, this

take an additional cost borne by the user.

i) The user may request unsubscribe at any time which is sufficient for a written or email.

j) Manheim is not liable for any failures that may occur in communications,

including deletion, incomplete transmission or delays in sending data, not

Nor pledging that the network is operational at all times.

It shall not be liable if a third party, breaching the security measures,

access to messages, enter computer viruses or produce any other type of damage

the computer system that may impact on its users. Manheim does not guarantee the absence

computer viruses through the website that may cause alterations in the system

computer (software and hardware) or electronic documents and files stored in

your computer system. Manheim reserves the right to modify your page applications

web, block or delete users and / or offers at any time without

giving reasons.

k) You agree that, in accordance with the terms of the General Conditions of

buying and selling, Manheim arbitrate and can decide, without appeal, if

conflict, doubts or interpretations arising from the General Conditions.

l) In Manheim Web pages can be found links to other websites.

Manheim does not offer or market the products and services available on linked sites

therefore assumes no liability whatsoever in relation to the contents and

information, or the operations, which can be accessed or can be made,

as appropriate, through this portal and in general of the consequences arising from

users access the same, for which declines all responsibility.

3. Budgets and system development auctioning

a) Manheim has accepted in good faith every vehicle submitted for auction, since it involves and

It considers that the data supplied by the transferor are correct and there is no

misrepresentation or omission.

b) Manheim is discriminatory power to remove the vehicle from the auction if, in its discretion,

there are no conditions for sale.

c) Manheim each user has accepted enrolled at auction presupposing that are interested

in bidding, in good faith to acquire one or more vehicles. The placed bids are considered

firm and represent a final award when they exceed the reserve price. In case of

not reached that price, the bid placed is also considered an offer to purchase

reliable and not a mere proposition, so that if accepted by the seller,

it will become a final award.

d) If two bidders made the same offer, first made prevail in time.

e) The offers already made can not be reduced or canceled. Manheim records and saves all

offers made, which will serve for clarification if there are doubts about them.

f) Once awarded the vehicle, the buyer has the duty to pay for the vehicle and pick it up. He

seller has an obligation to deliver under the conditions described in the auction.

g) All users have access during the auction to photographs as well as details

vehicle in which the characteristics and the condition thereof are described. The report claims adjustment

I may be quantified or not.

h) Manheim controls the start, end and development of the auction. Manheim reserves the right

to suspend or modify planned auctions. Manheim is authorized to cancel auctions without giving reasons for it. Cancellation may occur both pre and during

the auction. Auctions already made can not be canceled.


4. Documentation

a) Manheim might not have the original documentation of vehicles auctioned.

b) If Manheim accept to auction a vehicle without the original documents or documents whose

validity has expired, it shall inform buyers that aspect as soon as you


c) In the event that the preceding paragraph refers, shall take appropriate measures Manheim

with respect to aportador for missing documents. In this case no Manheim

shall be liable for damages caused by the lack of such documentation, but will

the obligation to act in good faith and diligently to obtain the same manner.

d) Subject to the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, the documentation and keys that

they are in the possession of Manheim, belonging to vehicle sold, they will be given to

buyer at the time of pickup facilities Manheim or together

with complete documentation and his name always cash after payment of all

amounts owed by the concepts whatever.

5. Payment by the buyer

a) After the close of the auction, the buyer will receive the electronic address at

register a purchase order with the data necessary to make the payment.

b) Depending on the origin of the vehicle, the buyer must pay the price of the vehicle

the transferor or Manheim, and in any case, the buying commission and management fee

Manheim documentary. This process clearly shows itself in the purchase order

Manheim will send once the auction closed.

c) Only the form of bank transfer will be accepted as payment. Manheim not

accept the position of any bank transfer fee. Receiving a fee for such

concept, keep the vehicle locked until you receive the payment of such fees.

d) The amount of the purchase order must be paid effectively within the

forty-eight hours after shipment.

e) Manheim only give authorization to leave the lot purchased by the buyer after securing the

effective recovery of outstanding amounts and after receiving the unlocking of the vehicle

the seller.

f) In the event of termination of contract by the buyer, and its approval by the

Manheim seller and the buyer shall be exempt from any obligation to pay, and will be

returned fully liquid securities relating to the acquisition made.


6. Price of services Manheim

a) The rates include Manheim buying commission and the Commission for document management

provided that the purchase order so requires. ( "Current prices" paragraph 12)

b) The price of services under this clause should be added always all

taxes or fees due to the State.

c) Charges shall always be settled in local currency (Euro).

d) The rates will be updated annually, on the date of each anniversary of validity of these general conditions, according to the variation (IPC) National General Index

Consumer prices.

7. Authorisation withdrawal of vehicles

a) Upon receipt of payment of the amounts due, Manheim send each customer via email, the

authorization to collect the vehicle, even after having received the release

Campa by the seller.

b) The authorization of withdrawal must be signed and returned to Manheim (physically in the

collection facilities, fax or email) indicating the company or persons authorized to

remove the vehicle with a minimum notice of 24 hours.

c) Any impact on the removal of the vehicle must be communicated immediately to the staff

Manheim. Campaign staff withdrawal not authorized for assistance and / or management

of any claim.

d) Check for damage and if there are differences with published during the auction, the refléjelos

dispatch order.

e) Manheim notice may charge a fee of € 5 plus tax per day as a stay if the

vehicle was not removed within five days after sending the Authorization of Withdrawal. In

For vehicles placed in other locations that are not owned by Manheim,

I prevail provisions for costs and withdrawal periods of those locations.

f) Vehicles will never have the insurance in force at the time of withdrawal.

g) Vehicles may be at the time of the withdrawal in temporary low

until the end of the change of ownership. You can not circulate until such vehicles

situation is completed.

h) The buyer is obliged to use the vehicle in compliance with the provisions of the insurance policy

in effect signed his name, which may be required from the time of this

retreat. The vehicle can travel on any European country which has been approved by the

International Insurance certificate whose validity and the buyer is responsible Subscription

thereof or authorized by the driver, forcing the buyer from the time of

withdrawal to the driver or drivers authorized to use the vehicle, comply with

everything legally provided for driving the same and to prohibit its use to people

they are not in possession of the appropriate driving license for driving.

i) In the event that violations of laws occur, the buyer, from the

same time of withdrawal of the vehicle, takes responsibility derived therefrom,

remain its exclusive charge all expenses and damages that may result and

fines and penalties that are imposed as a result of the liability for the

their use.

8. Document Management

a) The documentation of the vehicles will be sent to the buyer once made the change

title to name. copies thereof shall be provided at the request of the buyer,

for discharge of insurance or any other necessary procedures as soon as they are received

by the transferor.

b) Ownership of the vehicle will not be transmitted to the buyer until all outstanding balances

they have been settled.

c) The procedures for change of ownership of the vehicles will be made by the designated gestoría

by the seller or by Manheim.

d) Processing times will vary depending on the source and origin of the vehicle and

as the deadlines set by the leadership of relevant traffic.

9. Claims
Manheim is not responsible for the difference in external damage (paint and body) that may be in the
vehicle once removed from the premises.

a) The conditions for resolving complaints are:

1. The buyer draw up a written complaint by mail to your
commercial stating the reason for the incident that wishes to submit, within the
term and conditions laid down in


2. The buyer has failed so far any of its

obligations to the transferor and / or Manheim, mainly relating to the payment of

any outstanding amount.


b) In any case, the resolution of an issue must be previously approved by the aportador

and Manheim.

c) The claims process must meet the following guidelines:

1. The deadline for the claim may not exceed 24 hours, following the withdrawal of campaign

of acquired or from the time of delivery vehicles, if transportation

It has been carried out by an agency run by Manheim transport.

2. Tenders state vehicles will not admit any claim.

Any damage contained in the expert opinion and / or information from the web / catalog, not

will admit a claim.

3. No incidents may claim from waybills praying "Damages

Absences for use. " Damage must be sufficiently justified from the

campa output time. Manheim may use an expert to clarify the

accuracy of a description in case of conflict. The expert report will be binding

for the parties involved. All their expenses will be paid by the person responsible for the

discrepancies. If there is no discrepancy, the resulting costs will go to

by the buyer.

4. No claim will be accepted after having repaired the vehicle, without the

Manheim express authorization or contributor.

5. The buyer or transferor will not be held responsible for any Manheim

resolution made under the terms of this clause.


10. rights reserved Manheim

Manheim reserves the right to:

a) Prohibit access to auction any user who does not meet these conditions

general or has lost its status as a professional in the automotive sector.

b) Hold a vehicle while any matter arising from your presentation is resolved to

auction and / or sale.

11. Jurisdiction and applicable law

The parties to any transaction carried out within the framework of the auction activity,
must be exclusively natural persons or legal persons, professionals in the sector
automotive with legal capacity to enter into binding contracts.

These conditions, and expressly waiving any other jurisdiction subject to the
jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Madrid. These conditions shall be governed
as provided in the Spanish legislation. In the event that any of these conditions be or
be declared ineffective, void or unenforceable, this shall not affect the effectiveness of the other, which
They subsist fully valid and effective. Such condition in question means, without for it is
need any further actions by the parties in form, content, timing and extent
replaced by a provision that is valid, effective and achievable and that approaches the maximum from
any perspective, and especially economic, to the purpose and spirit of the provision under
You acknowledge that the website, the service provided, as well as information and materials
contained therein, the structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of content, and
computer programs used in connection therewith, are protected by copyright
intellectual of the MANHEIM own. You may not reproduce, alter, modify,
distribute, rent, lend, make available or allow public access through any
means of public communication of any element including user name and password.

The user must use the materials, elements and information that you access through the website and service provided for their own needs only, agreeing not to make any direct or
indirect commercial exploitation of materials, elements and information obtained through

Users access the portal and participation in the auction of the products offered through
the website involves the processing of personal data. For Manheim, is of great
importance of compliance with the regulations on protection of personal data and on
services of information society and electronic commerce. Therefore, under the Organic Law
15/1999 of December 13 Protection of Personal Data and Law 34/2002 of 31
July Services Society Information and Electronic Commerce, you agree that
personal data provided at the time of registration or any other provided for Manheim
access to some of the services of this website will be incorporated into files owned by this
company, in order to facilitate the provision of services required for the correct
identification of users requesting personalized services for studies
statistics users to design improvements in the services provided to management
basic administrative tasks and to keep you informed either by email or
by any other means, news, products and services related to Manheim.

In any case, Manheim ensures that meets current legal guidelines for the protection of
personal data, and among others, reported the object file processing of
user data to the General Register of the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
Also, Manheim is committed to fulfilling its obligation of confidentiality of data
staff and its duty to treat them with confidentiality, and assumes, for these purposes, measures
technical, organizational and security measures to prevent alteration, loss, or
unauthorized access in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation on data protection
personal, and other applicable legislation.

The user will be responsible for providing true and lawful information in the registration form,
Manheim reserves the right to deny service to any user who has
provided false information, without prejudice to other actions stipulated by law. In addition the user
You undertake to inform Manheim of any changes occurring in your data in order to
the entity can keep them updated as required to the current regulations.

The user also gives his consent to Manheim, as part of the business group
it belongs to, should communicate the company's own data to its parent company or other of the same
group, with the purpose of maintaining internal management own with that. In any case, Manheim
It ensures data integrity under appropriate safety measures at the level of
Any registered user may at any time exercise the right to access, rectify and,
Written appropriate, cancel their personal data supplied by request to
Manheim, Paseo de la Calderona S / N, 28350 Ciempozuelos Madrid, which will be attended by
proper identification of the user. The user can access their data modification
personal writing or by postal mail to the address

Also, under Law 34/2002 of July 31, Services Information Society and
Electronic commerce, the user accepts that communicating your email, Manheim can
use for sending their own advertising and promotional commercial communications
activity or related services company, through this medium or other means of
electronic communication.

12. Fees Ongoing 

TAXES NO INCLUDED. Effective 1 May 2022

Real Time MarketPlace Online Auctions

210€ + IVA (fixed, regardless of the vehicle price)


Other Online auctions. Regardless of the vehicle price

<1000€              130 €

1001€-3000€       175 €

3001€-5000€       250 €

5001€-13000€     280 €

>13000€             320 €


BMW Online auctions. Regardless of the vehicle price

<1000€              123,50 €

1001€-3000€       166,25 €

3001€-5000€       237,50 €

5001€-13000€     266 €

>13000€             285 €



Auctions: 140€ + IVA


13. Real Time MarketPlace auctions

What is Real Time MarketPlace? Manheim has created a new auction channel to offer customers Manheim stock from Renting companies in real time. Manheim user access from to all main companies' stock, distributed so far in multiple online platforms.

Enter and compete simultaneously with user bids from other websites, without changing place. This is the evolution of online auctions!

 It is important to note that:


  • The prices shown are excluding VAT in MarketPlace
  • The auction is the Maximum bidder. That is, if the user makes a bid and this is as maximum bid, the vehicle will be awarded for that price, no further negotiations to reach a reserve price
  • All cars, regardless of the final price achieved, have the same fee
  • The fee payable by the user who has been awarded a vehicle, is 210€ + I.V.A.
  • Only for LeasePlan's vehicles a free movement of the vehicle between LeasePlan Campounds is included (Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla la Roda de Andalucía y Valencia)
  • Is mandatory car payment by the user within 24 hours from the award


All vehicles are sold in state unless otherwise expressly indicated.
All vehicles purchased must be paid within 48 working hours from sending the purchase order.
payment in cash will be accepted in any case.
Accepted forms of payment: Bank Transfer
There shall be no delivery of any vehicle until all outstanding amounts have been settled without
possibility of retrocession.
It will not deliver any vehicle without the express authorization of withdrawal.
Since the acquisition of a vehicle and until it has been formalized transfer to its name, the vehicle
you can find in Baja Temporary documentary situation, driving thereof being prohibited.
The buyer is responsible for the insurance period at the time of delivery.
From the time of the withdrawal, the buyer will be responsible for all damages, as well as fines and penalties
arising from the use of the vehicle.
These notes are a guide for the buyer and do not replace or correct the "Terms and Conditions" which apply without exception to
all vehicles purchased.
"Terms and Conditions" are available for free on the website of Manheim and offices located at:
Manheim Spain Our opening hours:

Paseo de la Calderona s / n L-J from 9:00 to 18:00
Ciempozuelos V from 9:00 to 14:00
28350 MADRID